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God is Ahuramazda who created this earth, who created happiness for man, who made Darius king, the one king of many kings, the one commander of many commanders, I am Darius the great king, the king of kings, the king of countries, having many kinds of human beings, the king in this great earth far and wide,the son of Hystaspes, an achaemenian.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

hello everyone!!! can't believe that I'm back again!! well there was a little problem with entering,things were mixed,passwords didn't work, and well all these were truly walking on my nerves :P but anyway,now here I am, with alot of new posts, so many words to say,feel like am exploding :D so hope to see you all here again..
so for now...goodbye to you all..


Anonymous Morteza said...

Hi Miss Nobakht (i dont know your first name)
remember me? i'm hesans friend. I once consulted you about choosing my Uni. eventually i decided to go to allameh, and now, i'm studying english translation over there.
I'm very happy that you've updated your blog again "after a loooooooong time", & I wish you the best of luck.
I'll be very happy to have your great comments on my blog.

say hello to hesan

28/4/07 6:12 AM  
Blogger danbri said...

welcome back :)

31/5/07 4:25 PM  
Blogger Persian girls said...

dear friends thanks for welcome us back!! well I'm not mahya,but she will read your comments definetely!!!
dan thank you so much for your comment..didn't really know you've put a comment here:P made me so happy!!

3/7/07 7:38 AM  

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