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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's really interesting to see how some people try to get revenge from you about what has happened to them while you had nothing to do with it!!! as long as they have power over you,they do whatever one can imagine to make others believe that hey I'm higher..hey,you are nobody....
unfortunately this semester,we faced a typical example of such a person...she was our critic professor...she was young and was experiencing her first time of university teaching!!!! believe it or not,we became her puppets,a laboratory to examine what is good and what is not..this course was really important to all of us,as literature is above all being able to criticize what you read!!!! anyway, time passed and exam time arrived!!! it was our second exam,we all were very stressful..I myself was dying...the exam was at 10...we were all in the class waiting for this lady to come, starring at the door,listening to footsteps..nothing,nothing,nothing...she wasn't coming!!! the stress was that much that all the time I was shouting at 12,our dear " RESPONSIBLE" staff came and asked us to sit in the class again for the exam...I was angry to death,because I'd already lost my tour-leader final exam after waiting for it so long!!! we weren't in good positions..we all were wrecked we refused,we asked them to rearrange another day and time for the exam...and the funny thing!!! the funny thing was that we were sentenced in this event,that all has happened is because of us,but we couldn't see any relation and this made us become soooooo angry,kinda mad!!!!
anyway,after a long time,nearly 4 hours shouting,crying and even begging,they changed the day!!! it was our last exam,and we all did study very much..the book was extremely hard,but we said nothing and studied it...the questions were truly weird,very uncountably hard..but we again answered..I knew I had passed it..I was sure about it...BUT today I can say that as far as I know 10 students,including me, have been failed, and the others are all 10,11,or 12!!!!
It can be a record in the university!!! we all are shocked and angry to death..that how can a person be this much selfish and bad mannered,acting like this even as a professor in the university...besides,we see how the staff are all on her side,trying to hammer all of us!!!this is how it always been,students in the university are considered nothing but as sheep!!!
now dear Mrs. Marrandi, I'm asking you..WHY? what have we done? why aren't you on our side,trying to help us..make us calm???? I myself never ever imagined myself failing any know me, you know all of us...we all are trust in you nor the are you gonna make it? hammering us more?..or..............


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's unbelievable for me to fail such a course, as my friend said, it's an important course for all the students of literature and it's hard to accept the
ir-responsibility of the satff for choosing this professor, oh no teacher for this course. if you read what is written carefully, you see that in all the events we are only viewers of the happenings and we can't do anything but at last we should pay for their irresponsibility... is it fair?? how can we tolerate this situation??? if your were in our shoes what would you do??? what can you do???

now we want to ask Dr. marandi that truely and honestly who is gulity of all these mess??? is it fair to get reveng from us??? be honest and please give an answer to all the students...

11/7/07 6:03 AM  
Blogger (Seyyedeh) Susan Marandi said...

Ms. Nobakht,

I have to admit to being disappointed in you. It would have been more "responsible" and mature of you to say your opinions to people's faces, rather than turning it into a public fight! :-(

The professor you mention was going thru a trial term, in order to decide whether she could stay on or not, and you know that she is no longer teaching at the department. In fairness to her and others, though, I must add that she has an extremely good reputation in other prestigious universities, whether you like her personally or not.

There is much more to be said about the exam, which you well know, yet I do not intend to get into a discussion with you here. If you need to be reminded of certain details, I will be more than happy to see you in my office. I will just point out that the department did what it could do (against the advice of some) which was to give the students another chance. (Given that the students had themselves refused to take the exam and even made things extremely difficult for those students who wanted to take it, some believed that this was unnecessary and would encourage others to act in a similar manner when things did not go according to their desire.)

With regard to your grades, no one is allowed to interfere in the grades of a professor, as you should know. They are not supposed to be under the influence of the authorities in deciding how to grade their students, but should decide freely. I admit that I was surprised to see that so many had failed, and as you already know, called and discussed it with the professor, asking her if there weren't possibly any mistake. However, she had all your grades (for your projects and papers) on paper in detail, and she submitted a copy of the reasons for each student's grade. And I have no reason beyond the students' insinuations to think that your professor wanted to take revenge on you for your behavior.

Finally, a friendly word of advice. Learn to put this behind you. You are only hurting your own cause by defaming everyone. I personally felt betrayed when I thought of all the hard work I put in for you, and all the good times we had together, and saw how very unfair you were in this matter. This was not at all worthy of you. I can only put it down to your age, and try to put the hurt behind me.

8/4/08 9:28 PM  
Blogger Razvan said...

Hy. Grat blog. God bless you. This is my blog

19/11/09 4:13 AM  

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